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Background and rationale

This series of seminars is relevant to policy and practice in the fields of:

The seminars are relevant to UK policy in that they respond to a number of ongoing concerns around child harm and child protection and violence perpetrated by children. They can be seen in the context of a recent decision by the UK government to remove its reservation to the United Nations (UN) Convention on the Rights of the Child in regard to immigration, the rights of young asylum seekers and refugees. In addition, they are pertinent to the repeated censuring of the UK government by the UN committee on the rights of the child for continuing to allow corporal punishment of children by their parents and the recruitment of under-18s into the armed forces. Meanwhile, anxieties around social work policy and practice evidenced by the Laming inquiry into the murder of Victoria Climbie also make the seminars relevant. The UN study on violence against children (2006) and the appointment of a UN secretary general special rapporteur on violence against children are also indicative of the timeliness and policy significance of the series.

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