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Seminar 4: Violence and the circulation of children
Monday 21 March 2011, 9.30am - 5pm, Dyers Brae Lecture Theatre (Room 16) and seminar room (room 17), Greenside Please, University of St Andrews, Scotland

The seminar focuses on how violence, particularly war, forces children to circulate between households and institutions both nationally and internationally as asylum seekers, refugees, foster children, transnationally adopted children, war babies, homeless children and street children.


9.30 - 9.45am

9.45 - 10am
Welcome and introduction (Room 16)
Professor Alison Watson, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of St Andrews

10 - 11.30am
Professor Peter Donnelly, University of St Andrews, Tackling youth gang violence in Glasgow
Mhairi Snowden, Children 1st
, (Title to be confirmed)
Professor Claudia Fonseca, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil and University of San Martin, Argentina, "War" in the field of contemporary adoption: addressing the reality of special needs children

11.30 - 11.45am
Coffee (Room 17)

11.45 - 12.15pm
Kerry Dixon, Signpost International, Child-headed families and children of the street: a practitioner's view
Commentary and discussion led by Dr Jeffrey Murer, University of St Andrews

12.45 -1.45pm
Lunch (Room17)

1.45 -3.15pm
Dr Siobhan McEvoy-Levy, assistant professor of political science, Butler University, Indianapolis, US, Stuck in circulation: Trauma, territoriality and the mobile child
Dr Atreyee Sen, fellow in conflict, cohesion and change, Research Council United Kingdom, Surviving violence, contesting victimhood: Communal politics and the creation of child-men in an urban Indian slum
Clare Tudor, Scottish Refugee Council, Guardianship: protecting separated children in Scotland

3.15 -4.15pm
Coffee and small group discussion (Rooms 16 and 17)
Facilitators: Dr Heather Montgomery, Dr Karen Wells, Dr Sam Punch

4.15 - 5pm
Plenary debate
Chair: Professor Alison Watson




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